About TPL

Transparent Protection Limited/Gte (TPL) is a membership based, insurance sector-specific non-government organisation in Nigeria. TPL was established in 2012 with the aim of helping to address the complex issues of insurance sector underdevelopment in Nigeria.

As a system support organization, TPL seeks to proactively assist both the insurer and insured to more easily understand their rights and obligations in relation to insurance contract, with the objective of protecting the interests of its members and the insuring public.

Over the last seven years, TPL has been in the forefront in demanding for transparency amongst insurance operators and holding the regulators properly accountable. TPL has been undertaking public interest litigation and monitoring policy making for deepening transparency and accountability in the insurance industry.

TPL is currently mobilizing the insuring public at the grassroots for massive patronage of insurance products and timely settlement of genuine claims. Our members are freely assisted through pre-insurance contract advisory consultations and guidance for making claims.

Our strengths include a positive industry track-record; good knowledge of the insurance industry; clear understanding of the problem we seek to address and strong relationship with the industry regulator.


TPL core objective is to provide members and the insuring public with technical advisory services prior to purchase of insurance policy and support services for recovering genuine claims in the event of unjust denial by the insurer. Nonetheless, our broad range of highly professional services are available to our registered members only.

Equal opportunity
Our broad goal is to address the challenges of insurance sector underdevelopment in Nigeria.

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