Law and Insurance Project

This encapsulates insurance support services, legal aid, public interest litigation and community mobilization.

The insurance support services programme is a platform for providing pre-insurance contract consumer support and technical assistance for pursuing claims settlement.

The legal aid and public interest litigation programme provides legal support services for members of a target group who have been denied settlement of genuine claims.

The community mobilization programme is designed to reached out to the grassroots for creating awareness for insurance protection from registered insurance companies.

Transparent Action Policy Project

This project incorporates programmes for legislative and policy advocacy as well as media campaigns.

The legislative and policy advocacy programme aims at enhancing, promoting and sustaining transparency and good governance in the insurance industry.

The media campaign programme focuses on engendering and strengthening best practice in the insurance sector, employing publications, radio and TV programmes as well as social media.

Insurance Industry Empowerment Project

This project involves assisting in building capacity for the insurance industry generally, conducting necessary researches and disseminating the report of findings for the benefit of the insurance industry. Also the project will involve organizing industry training through seminars and webinars.

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